Marinate fresh local salmon in Dr. Bonnie Henry Whisky Sauce for 30 minutes in a zip-lock freezer bag. Bring salmon to room temperature and light bbq at medium heat. Place salmon on an angle flesh side down (presentation side) and grill two minutes and with a metal spatula move to a right angle to achieve grill marks for another 2 minutes and then flip over to finish the salmon. It is always best to remove salmon before it is fully cooked as it is will continue to cook even when it is removed from your grill. The salmon can also be roasted or in the oven my preference is to broil for a delicious caramelization. Baste the salmon when cooking for extra flavour and again to finish. Serve over fresh arugula.

Mango and red pepper Salsa
1 fresh mango diced
½ red bell pepper cut finely
1 tbls freshly squeezed lime juice
¼ tsp of Demerara sugar
Black roasted Japanese sesame seeds
Mix lime juice and sugar together and toss with mango
and red pepper and garnish’s with black sesame seeds

Recipe Created by BC Local Chef Ann Kirsebom
– Member of Les Dames d’Escoffier